STAY READY ACADEMY is a youth basketball academy. We focus on enriching the lives of children through sport in a fun & unique way.  We are dedicated to the communities & schools that we serve, and are proud to be in a position where we can affect the youth in a positive way throughout society. We aspire to instill core life values and build character in youth through sports and mentoring. At Stay Ready Academy, the potential athlete will be participating in various activities, which are all fundamentally curriculum based: 

  • Cardio & stretching

  • An increase of speed & footwork

  • Basketball drills and fun games

  • Development of basketball skills from the foundation: Passing, dribbling, shooting, defense.

  • Team Competitions

  • Teamwork

  • Mentoring

 MISSION  The mission of our organization is to provide kids a positive outlet through sports.  At Stay Ready Academy, we believe that sports teach important life values.  Values such as being on time, teamwork, learning to deal with adversity, and respect are just a few skills that go hand and hand with any team sport.  We believe in empowering and motivating children every step of the way in our programs. We focus on the development of skills so that children feel more confident to participate, learn, and comprehend the sport.  More importantly, in today’s society where technology is readily accessible, we like to give children the opportunity to be exposed to some kind of physical activity, for general health reasons as well.