SOCCER CLUB - designed to meet the physical, social and developmental ability of children. All classes introduce children to the fundamentals of the sport of soccer as well as a foundation in working as a team.

BASKETBALL - introduce and develop fundamental basketball skills. Classes are designed to develop coordination, strength and teamwork.

SILVER SNEAKERS - movement and exercise through running and basic cardiovascular activities. Students learn and understand how to use their own body as a way of exercising. Students take away an understanding of perseverance, and determination built through the foundation of aerobic exercise. Wellness and self-esteem lessons are incorporated into this class in order to empower students.

ADVENTURE YOGA - introducing young people to a healthy and lifelong activity that is noncompetitive, non-judgmental, physically challenging, and a ton of fun!

FLAG FOOTBALL - the perfect outlet for their football passion. This program provides an introduction to the game of football in a fun and dynamic environment. Classes consist of skill development and game play.

CROSSFIT FITNESS -promote challenging physical activity and structured skills development for active kids who are not interested in team sports.

TENNIS CLUB -to make it easier for players, we changed the court sizes, racquet sizes, the balls, the scoring system and even the net height. Like other popular youth sports, 10 & Under Tennis stresses the importance of play and team competition.


If you are a school representative and would like more information on how Stay Ready Academy can host a program at your school, please email us at or call us at: 917-275-7946.